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This wiki is about the New England Patriots 2012- 2013 season. It will include the schedule for the upcoming season as well as the roster that is available. It will also include draft needs. Background information on the New England Patriots such as coaching staff and ending power rankings from last year will be available. The page will also include a power ranking for this upcoming year and some ratings and strength of schedule stats.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are a football team in the National Football League. They are in the American Football Conference (AFC). The Patriots are in the AFC East Division along with the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and the Buffalo Bills. In the 2011- 2012 regular season the Patriots finished with a win loss record of 13- 3. The Patriots ranked 3rd in PPG and 2nd in yards per game. They also finished 2nd in passing yards per game. Overall, the Patriots did well in most all offensive categories. However, they ranked at the bottom of many defensive categories except for takeaways and some run defense stats. The Patriots are looking to keep their dynamic offense and work on their improving defense in order to be succseful in the upcoming season. To be succsesful they will need to win the Super Bow, in my opinion. This wiki page will provide some information about the upcoming season and some important notes about the offseason.


2012- 2013 Regular Season Schedule

The schedules for all NFL teams for the upcoming regular season have not been released yet.However, all teams know thier opponents for all 16 games in no particular order. There are only a handful of games that are actually scheduled such asthe Patriots and Rams game in England at Wembley Stadium on October 28th, The opponents for the New England Patriots are listed as follows:

Home Games Away Games
Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
New York Jets New York Jets
Indianapolis Colts Baltimore Ravens
Houstan Texans Tennessee Titans
San Francisco 49ers St. Louis Rams
Denver Broncos Jacksonville Jaguars
Arizona Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks

Roster and Coaching Staff

With the offseason in full swing there are a lot of roster and coaching changes all over the league. While the New England Patriots have not made a tremendous amount of changes, there is the possability of many changes up until the preseason starts. After the draft and when we get closer to the preseason this site will post the roster and coaching list. Until then we will provide to links to that information.

New England Patriots Roster

New England Patriots Coaching Staff

Draft Needs

The New England Patriots had a good season in 2011- 2012. Their offense was excellent and their defense was improving, even though the defense was ranked almost dead last. The team struggles to reach the quarterback on a consistent basis. The pass rush had improved greatly over previous seasons, but it was still lacking a good DE or 2 that can stay with the team for a long time a contribute to the defense on a consistent basis. I would look to get a good DE in the upcoming draft. With a lot of changes in the secondary, I would also look for another good corner that can lock down one side of the field or a tall reciever, which gave us some problems. So a tall lockdown corner is a must. I would also look for a good safety that can focus on the pass and still have the ability to blitz and come up on a run play. Another WR could be something to look for, although not a huge need at the current time. I would definetly recomend looking for a good linebacker that can go out and cover on a pass play. These needs do not need to be met in the draft, especially since it will take time for those guys to learn the system. The team could fill some of these positions with a few free agents or in a trade. I would not look to trade any draft picks as I feel the team has a good selection and their picks are spread out. Overall this is just my opinion on their draft needs after I have done some research.The positions they should look for in the draft would be:

  • DE
  • LB
  • SS/FS/S
  • WR
  • CB

Power Rankings and Strength of Schedule

The New England Patriots spent most of last season in the top 5 of most power rankings. They finished the season at 2 in most and 3 in a handful of others. There are not many power rankings out for this upcoming season because it is to early, however I would rank them as high as 4. The Patriots should make the playoffs this upcoming season because of weak divisional opponents. The Buffalo Bills were not as good as they seemed last year, the Jets are dysfunctional, and the Dolphins are, well, still the Dolphins (pretty bad). The rest of the AFC is not that good either. The Colts are no longer the Colts we once loved to hate, the Ravens are good, but getting older by the day, the Patriots own the Steelers, and with Ward gone it will only help the Patriots. The teams to look out for are the young teams on the rise like the Bengals and Texans. The NFC is stacked with good teams that can pose problems for the Patriots. The Patriots will have trouble with the 49ers in their matchup this year, but other than that we won't have to worry too much about the NFC until the regular season is over. As far as strength of schedule, the Patriots were in the middle of the pack last year with a tough first half and an easy second half. The official numbers are not out for this upcoming season, but I would say the Pats have a very easy schedule with weak divisional opponents and some weak NFC opponents. The tough games will be against the Ravens, the 49ers, and the Texans. Other than that I am looking forward to this upcoming season.


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